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Sep 1, 2015

Modification of Evaporator using Plate Freezers

This project on "modification of evaporator (using plate freezers) of a vapour compression refrigeration system" is a very good project for final year Mechanical students. This project will modify traditional refrigerator with the help of plate freezers, which are used to freeze flat things like pastries, fish fillets etc. In typical Refrigerators, food preservation is completed by keeping the food within the evaporator of the refrigerator. During this chamber, the air is eliminated by keeping the food near the coil of the evaporator and also the cooling is achieved at a quicker rate and vapour compression system is employed for maintaining such a low temperature. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

The transfer of warmth takes place from the food to the evaporator surface through the air gap. Owing to the air being bad conductor of heat, it cause the low melting point and time overwhelming. The freezing rate was increased by the development of the freezer. Only compact-able foods can utilize this method.

The plate freezers are utilized to freeze flat merchandise like pastries, fish fillets and beef patties yet as irregular-shaped vegetables that square measure packed in brick-shaped containers like cauliflower, spinach and broccoli. The food is firmly ironed between metal plates that square measure cooled to subfreezing temperatures by internally current refrigerants.

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The plate used is copper plate within which high rates of warmth transfer are often obtained between the prepackaged product and also the refrigerant plates. The 2 plates square measure brought closer manually.

The most important reason why plate freezers are replacing conventional refrigerators is the quarter of the time it takes to bring down the temperature of 1 kg of meat from 30 degree Celsius to -20 degree Celsius as compared to the conventional refrigerators.

Plate freezers and air blast freezers are the types of freezer most commonly used for freezing fish in industrial countries. Plate freezers do not have the versatility of air blast freezers and can only be used to freeze regularly shaped blocks and packages. "Modification of evaporator using plate freezers of a vapour compression refrigeration system” is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree of Bachelor of technology/Master of Technology and submitted in Department of Mechanical Engineering.

This report contains full description of project, flow diagram of plate freezer, system calculation and other related material which will help in building the project. Use this report only for you reference and study work.

Authors:- Shivam Gupta, Vikram Srivastava, Sachin Tyagi, Abhimanyu Puri



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