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Sep 7, 2015

Design, Fabrication and Testing of A Solar-Biomass Integrated Dryer

This project focus on the design, fabrication and testing of a solar based biomass dryer. It is designed to dry agricultural crops. In this project, ginger of 55g is being dried to check the effectiveness of the appliance. The design of the dryer was made from regionally accessible materials and works in such a way that solar radiation is incident directly on the glazing which in turn heats up the solar chamber. The heat is retained by the black body located at the bottom of the solar chamber. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Solar-Biomass Integrated Dryer

The appliance conjointly encompasses a back-up heater that uses biomass as its supply of fuel, this is the heating supply on the far side sunshine hours. This makes the integrated appliance terribly effective in drying of crops. The check results gave temperature as high as 560C within the drying chambers throughout sunshine hours and 55g of recent ginger was reduced to 18g, throughout 2 days of drying within the chamber.

Drying processes play a very important role within the preservation of agricultural product. They're outlined as a method of wetness removal attributable to cooccurring heat and mass transfer (Ertekin and Yaldiz, 2004). According to Ikejiofor (1985) 2 sorts of water area unit gift in food items; the with chemicals certain water and therefore the physically control water.

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In drying, it's solely the physically control water that's removed. The foremost vital reasons for the recognition of dried product area unit longer shelf-life, product diversity furthermore as substantial volume reduction. This might be distended additional with enhancements in product quality and method applications.

The materials used for the development of the solar-biomass appliance area unit low-cost and simply procurable within the native market. The essential options of the appliance include the reflector (air heater), the drying cupboard and drying trays. Check was carried-out on the star chamber at 12pm midday and readings of the interior temperature of the star chamber was recorded at completely different points, i.e. temperature initially receptacle, second receptacle and conjointly that round the black body.

This is a good Mechanical engineering project on "design, fabrication and testing of a solar based biomass integrated dryer". This project also evaluates the efficiency of the solar-biomass hybrid drier against ‘solar only’, ‘biomass only’ and open sun condition. Use this project for your reference and study purpose only. All credit goes to authors of this project mentioned below.

Authors:- Ojo Adeshina Jonathan, Bisiriyu Isaika Olajide, Okeleye Samuel Adeola



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