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May 31, 2011

Piezoelectrically Driven Thermoacoustic Refrigerator Mechanical Project Report

This is a very good Mechanical Thesis project on Piezoelectrically Driven Thermoacoustic Refrigerator and was submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Science. The report is divided into many chapters and starts with Introduction to Thermoacoustics & Basics of the Thermoacoustic Effect. 

The report also tells about the conversion of heat to acoustic waves (the forward effect), and pumping heat using acoustic waves (the reverse effect).

Mechanical Project Report Piezoelectrically Driven Thermoacoustic Refrigerator


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Thermoacoustic refrigeration is an emerging refrigeration technology that does not require any moving parts or harmful refrigerants in its operation. This technology uses acoustic waves to pump heat across a temperature gradient. 

A piezoelectrically-driven thermoacoustic refrigerator was designed, built, and tested so that a model could later be developed. This chapter first discusses the design choices made for this refrigerator. It then goes on to detail the design and describe the construction process. 

Finally, it discusses the operation of this piezoelectrically-driven thermoacoustic refrigerator and shows the experimental results which the model in the fifth chapter is validated against.

Use this report for your reference and study and thanks to the author.

Author:- Daniel George Chinn



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