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Apr 6, 2014

Project on Automatic Railway Crossing System

Automatic railway crossing system is a need of time in railways as it ensures safety of lives and property. This system replaces the gates operated by the gatekeeper by an automatic railway gate at a Level crossing. Currently in India all the railway crossing gates are manually operated and yearly many people met accident due to this. Using this project, we can improve the rail road transportation facility and this technique has fast operation than oldest system and we can easily lower the accident rate. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Automatic Railway Crossing System

For sensing the vehicle on railway crossing system uses a motion sensor. And these motion sensors take a signal to microcontroller AT89S52. Since there is no vehicle or obstacle, signal is made GREEN for the train to pass through the gate. The same is applied for in the other direction and SG3 and SG4 are made GREEN and gates are closed. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, if there is a sudden breakdown of a vehicle between the gates, then the motion sensor sense the availability of vehicle on the crossing system.

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This circuit has two stages i.e. IR transmitter and IR receiver. In IR transmitter, the transmitter unit consists of an infrared LED and its associated circuit. The IR LED emitting infrared light is put on in the transmitting unit. Infrared LED is driven through transistor.

Circuit diagram Automatic Railway Crossing System

In IR receiver, the receiver unit consists of a sensor and its associated circuitry. In receiver section, the first part is a sensor, which detects IR pulses transmitted by IR-LED.

Whenever a train crosses the sensor, the output of IR sensor momentarily transits through a low state. As a result the monostable is triggered , a short pulse is applied to the port pin of the microcontroller. On receiving a pulse from the sensor circuit, the controller activates the circuitry required for closing and opening of the gates and for track switching.

This project contains all the circuit diagram, block diagram, complete working of the project and microcontroller programming, so use this project as your reference.

Author:- Jayswal Nitishkumar Maheshkumar



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