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Jan 12, 2014

Automatic Railway Gate Control & Track Switching

Railway tracks are one of the major areas where accident takes place everyday and Automatic railway gate control & track switching project is dedicated to stop such accidents on a unattended railway gates. This project gives the brief idea about an automated railway gate opening and closing using DC geared motor. In this project microcontroller, Infrared transmitter-receiver and DC GEARED motor are used. The infrared transmitter-receiver senses the incoming train and sends signals to the microcontroller for closing the railway gate, and when the train crosses the gate, it is automatically opened for providing the free passage to traffic. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Automatic Railway Gate Control Track Switching

Automatic railway gate control and track switching project is made using Atmega8 microcontroller to avoid railway accidents happening at unattended railway gates, if enforced in spirit. This project utilizes 2 powerful IR transmitters and 2 receivers; one try of transmitter and receiver is fastened at up facet (from wherever the train comes) at A level on top of somebody's being in precise alignment and equally the opposite try is fastened at down facet of the train direction. Detector activation time is thus adjusted by conniving the time taken at a definite speed to cross a minimum of one compartment of normal minimum size of the Indian railway and for this project it is 5 seconds.

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Sensors are fastened at 1km on each side of the gate. we have a tendency to decision the detector on the train direction as ‘foreside sensor’ and therefore the alternative as ‘aft facet sensor’. Once foreside receiver gets activated, the gate motor is turned on in one direction and therefore the gate is closed and stays closed till the train crosses the gate and reaches aft facet sensors. once aft facet receiver gets activated motor turns in wrong way logic gate opens and motor stops. Buzzer can now sound at the fore facet receiver activation logic gate can shut when five seconds, thus giving time to drivers to clear gate space so as to avoid saddlery between the gates and stop sound when the train has crossed.

The same principle is applied for track switching. Considering a state where local and super fast train are traveling in opposite directions on an equivalent track; the categorical train is allowed to travel on an equivalent track and also the local train needs to put on to the opposite track. 2 sensors square measure placed at the either sides of the junction wherever the track switches. If there’s a train approaching from the opposite aspect, then associated detector placed on that direction gets activated and can send an interrupt to the controller.

Authors:- Navin Kumar, Sahil Kalra, Ajay Singh, Syed Sarfraz, Manak Shegal



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