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Feb 18, 2011

100+ Electronics & Communication Project Ideas for Final Year

If you are searching for some of the latest and new project ideas for your final year project for Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) then you will don't have to go anywhere else we have collected some of the good and latest Electronics & Communication Project Ideas for you. Just scroll down the big list of Communication project. If you have any idea in your mind you can also add through your comments You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

Electronics & Communication Project Ideas For Final Year

  1. Voice Activated And Controlled Home Network
  2. Automatic Switching on & Off Lights
  3. Intelligent Voting Machine with Data Logger
  4. Air Defense Gun
  5. Virtual Public Library Information System
  6. PC Based Universal Waveform Generator
  7. Embedded Access Control & Security System using RFID
  9. Wireless Mobile Bomb Disposal Unit (WMBDU)
  10. Wireless Point To Point Secure Data Transfer
  11. VHDL Based Smart Futuristic Home
  12. Efficient Route Monitoring And Suggesting Mechanism with VMS
  13. Access Control Using RFID Microcontroller Project
  14. VHDL Based Remote Device Control Using GSM
  15. Theme Park Automation
  16. Cell Phone Based Way finding for the Visually Impaired
  17. Micro-controller based Three Wheeled Scooter
  18. RFID Based Toll Gate Automation
  19. Efficient Route Managing And Suggesting Mechanism
  20. Train Collision Preventer /Anti Collision Systems
  21. Bangalore Metro Train Using Voice IC And Smart Card
  22. Vehicle Density based Traffic Signal Light
  23. Sliding Mode Control
  24. Vehicle Density based Traffic Signal Light using VHDL
  25. Smart Spray Painting Mechanism For Car Production Line
  26. Smart Vehicle with Theft Prevention
  27. Speed Governors For The Public Transport Vehicles
  28. Programmable Robot Based On Microcontroller PICAXE
  29. Smart Spy-Bot with Firing and Self Destruction Capabilities
  31. Street Light And Traffic Signal Control using Wireless Technology
  32. Speech Recognition Using Wavelet Transform
  33. Smart Public Transport Tracking With Route & Timing Suggesting Mechanism
  34. ATM Threat Detection System
  35. Smart Cab Tracking And Employee Security Mechanism
  36. Smart Petrol Bunk Employing GSM Technology
  37. Simulation Of Bike Racing
  38. Humanoid Robots Used For Surveillance
  39. RFID Based Attendance and Door controlling Mechanism
  40. Remote Control Based Robot (Service Provider)
  41. Accident Alert With Automatic Dialer
  42. Remote Access for the Advance ATMs
  43. Respiratory Disorder Monitoring Mechanism
  44. BlueTooth Based Data Logger
  45. Aid for Sericulture Marketing and Mass Cocoon Segregating Mechanism
  46. Prototyping of a PRE-SAFE SYSTEM for automobiles during collision
  47. Mall Automation
  48. Metro Rail Tracking and Safety Mechanism
  49. Mobile Bomb Disposal Unit (MBDU)
  50. Multi-tier Car Parking Management Systems
  51. Distance Measurement Robot
  52. Multi-tier Car Parking Management Systems Using VHDL
  53. Musical Juke Box
  54. Ultrasonic Distance Measurements System
  55. NICU Monitoring With PC
  56. Office Automation with Timer and Attendance
  57. Office Automation with Timer, Attendance & Employee Monitoring System
  58. Operation Theatre Automation and Controller (OTAC)
  59. Real-Time Traffic Monitoring Using Mobile Phone Data
  60. Patient Monitoring And Analysis System
  61. PC Based Logic Analyzer
  62. Automatic Load Shedding using GSM Microcontroller Project
  63. PC Based Oscilloscope
  64. PC to PC Wireless Data Transfer employing Steganography
  65. Prototyping of a PRE-SAFE SYSTEM for automobiles during collision
  66. Wireless Data & Voice Communication Through Infrared-Led
  67. Automated Dimension Analysis and Selection Mechanism in a Production Line
  68. Intelligent Vehicle
  69. Home Security And Automation Using GSM Modem
  70. GSM based Airport Automation (GAA)
  71. Hand Held GPS Co-ordinates Provider
  72. Intelligent Automobile
  73. Home And Factory Automation Via SMS
  74. Haptic Interactions In Real & Virtual World
  75. Advanced Protective Head Gear - Helmet
  76. Intelligent Electronic Mega-mart Shopping Cart
  77. Intelligent Glass House
  78. Biometrics In Network Security
  79. GSM Based Multi Utility Mass SMS Sender using VHDL
  80. GSM based Sericulture Marketing and Cocoon Selection Mechanism
  81. GSM Controlled Latch and Office Automation
  82. Automated Book Picking Robot for Libraries
  83. GSM Examination Question Paper Leakage Protection Mechanism
  84. Garbage Bins Collector and Disposing Robot
  85. Generation of Electricity and Security System
  86. GSM based Community Electric Billing Controller (GCEBC)
  87. GSM based Fantasy House
  88. Fuzzy Logic Based Temperature Monitor and Controller Using VHDL
  89. GSM Based Home Control Network
  90. Fleet Management
  91. GSM Based Industrial Disaster Intimation Control System (GIDICS)
  92. Dual Polarized Diversity Microstrip Patch Array
  93. Examination Question Paper Leakage Protection Mechanism
  94. Fantasy Home – The House of Future
  95. Active Blind Noise Suppression In Speech Processing
  96. Intelligent Voting Machine with Finger Print Data Logger
  97. Electronic Entertainment And Animation
  98. Automated Equipment Handling Mechanism For Fabrication Workshops
  99. Reduced-sized Antenna for Mobile Computing
  100. Remote Controlled Wheeled Loader with Excavator
  101. Cattle or Horse Stable Automation
  102. Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD)
  103. Continuous Parameter Monitoring For Gym Users
  104. Artificial Intelligence Substation Controller
  105. Device Control Using PC and Micro-controller
  106. Remote Controlled Crane
  107. Dam management
  108. Intelligent Dashboards For Cars
  109. Data Collector - Unmanned remote surveillance vehicle with Sample Collector
  110. Design and Fabrication of An Automated Underground Mining System
  111. Building Security System
  112. Advance Grid Monitoring and Controlling Mechanism
  113. Automated Kitchen With Intelligent Appliances
  114. Automated Restaurant
  115. Computerized Exam Paper Evaluation Using Neural Network
  116. Automatic Winnowing Mechanism
  117. Toll Gate Automation Using VHDL
  118. Biometric Enabled Smart Ration Shops
  119. Novel Method of Compressing Speech With Higher Bandwidth Efficiency
  120. RFID Based Office Automation and Attendance Monitoring System With Payroll
  121. Biometric Fingerprint Integrated ATM Booth Security
  122. Bluetooth Anti-Terrorist VehicleDecentralized Architecture for Power Electronic System Design Based on Bionics
  123. Advance 4-Stroke IC Engine
  124. Advance Grid Monitoring and Controlling Mechanism
  125. Tsunami Warning System To Mobile Phones
  126. Aero Modeling and Ground Control simulation
  127. Agriculture Aid -Seed Sprinkling and Crop Care-taking Mechanism
  128. Airport Baggage Identifier
  129. Alert Mechanism for Blinds
  130. Anti-Terrorist Vehicle
  131. Arm Based Metal Detector And Controller Using GSM
  132. Microcontroller based Auto Dialer using GSM
  133. Integrated Energy Management System Based on GSM Protocol

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Cell Phone based PC Control using Voice Acknowledgment

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