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Feb 7, 2011

Speech Recognition Using Wavelet Transform MATLAB Project Report

Speech Recognition Using Wavelet Transform is a good MATLAB based Electronics Project for Engineering Students and tells about the Speech Recognition. Spoken language is converted to text in Automatic speech recognition (ASR). Speech recognition is currently used in many real-time applications, such as cellular telephones, computers, and security systems. Speech recognizers consist of a feature extraction stage and a classification stage. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar. Use report for your study and reference only.

Speech word recognition systems commonly carry out some kind of classification recognition based on speech features which are usually obtained via Fourier Transforms (FTs), Short Time Fourier Transforms (STFTs), or Linear Predictive Coding techniques. However, these methods have some disadvantages. These methods accept signal stationary within a given time frame and may therefore lack the ability to analyze localized events correctly. The wavelet transform copes with some of these problems. Other factors influencing the selection of Wavelet Transforms (WT) over conventional methods include their ability to determine localized features. Discrete Wavelet Transform method is used for speech processing.



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