Aug 7, 2013

MBA Industrial Training at Cham Synthropes Industries Pvt. Ltd

This is MBA industrial training report done at M/S Cham Synthropes Industries Pvt. Ltd. and start with the history of the company. The report is divided into 7 chapters like general information, production department, personnel department , marketing department, finance department etc. There are several types of organization such as staff functional organization, line type organization. The organization of M/S Cham Synthropes Industries Pvt. Ltd. is line type organization.

MBA Industrial Training report

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This report also talks about the history and development of this company along with full analysis for choosing location for a company. Report also include different department of this company like development, personal, production, HR etc. This company produce different types of ropes. Ropes are mostly use in transportation and fishing etc. and also uses in different types of works as per our requires.

Author:-Kansara Vijaykumar Narshihbhai


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