Jan 10, 2013

AVR based Home Automation System

This is a AVR microcontroller based project on home automation system. This prototype aims to develop a system which is used to develop a home automation so as to enhance living standard. This project uses ATMEGA16 micro-controller which act as the heart of the project. This system can be further upgraded by implementing wireless, and internet based control of embedded devices and SMS based control. Home automation also uses same technique as building automation. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

AVR based Home Automation System

The main aim of this bachelor's project is to develop a system for controlling common home electrical devices using wireless to enable direct control. This project consist of 4 basic function viz. lighting control, curtain control, and Fan controlling and outer security of house. Main hardware component required for this project are listed below.

• ATMEL ATMEGA 16 (an AVR based microcontroller)
• PIR sensor –passive infrared sensors
• Stepper motors
• LCD display
• Proximity sensor
• Motor driving IC
• Power supply
• Master board (PCB) consisting of regular components which subject to change as per the requirements.
• Miscellaneous : LEDs, Switches, Connecting wires, LDRs etc.

This report contains block diagram, circuit diagram, simulation diagram, AVR programming, circuit diagram and complete working of the project. Use this project only for your reference and study work.


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