Jan 13, 2011

Latest Civil MS and Phd. Research Topics

If you are doing Ph.D. in civil or doing any research on civil engineering and searching for Research topics then you can find it here. We have lots of topics for you. You can have Civil PhD reports, Civil MS Research Reports etc. If you want any project report on Civil Engineering then you can leave a comment or can contact us. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

Latest Civil MS and Phd. Research Topics

Behavior of Pile Walls in Liquefying Soil Layers

Analytical and Experimental Studies on Geotextile Reinforced Road Aggregates

Strengthening of Week Soil Against Liquefaction

Liquefaction Modeling Using Computer Techniques

Study And Design of Vertical Drains for Ground Improvement

Behavior of Reinforced Soil Walls Under Dynamic Loads

Finite Element Analysis of Pile Jetting

Probabilistic Settlement Analysis of Shallow Foundations

Reliability Analysis of Piled – Raft Foundation

Stochastic Ground Response Analysis

Dynamic Lateral Response of Piles in Clay

A Continuous Spring Model for Soil-Structure Interaction for the Analysis of Beams, Plates, Shells, and their Combination on Elastic Foundations

Design of Ground Improvement Using Stone Columns

Improvement of Expansive Soil by Deep Insitu Technique

Liquefaction Resistance of Soils With Plastic and Non-Plastic Fines

Studies on Construction of Embankments on Soft Clay Soil Using Geocell layers and Stone Columns

Drag Load on Piles and Remedial Methods

Stochastic Finite Element Method for Reinforced Soil Structures

Source: IIT Madras

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