Jun 18, 2010

The Acquisition and Processing of Backwards Anaphora

The Acquisition and processing of backwards Anaphora is a good project for Chemical students so use this for your reference and study and don't forget to thanks Author of the Project. This dissertation investigates long-distance backwards pronominal dependencies (backwards anaphora or cataphora) and constraints on such dependencies from the viewpoint of language development and real-time language processing. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Based on the findings from a comprehension experiment with Russian-speaking children and on real-time sentence processing data from English and Russian adults author of this project argue for a position that distinguishes structural and non-structural constraints on backwards anaphora and show that unlike their non-syntactic counterparts, structural constraints on co-reference, in particular Principle C of the Binding Theory (Chomsky 1981), are active at the earliest stage of language development and of real-time processing.

Author:-Kazanina, Nina

Source:- University of Maryland



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