Jan 2, 2010

Employee Job Satisfaction MBA Project

As the business increases day by day to global standards, garment industry also takes its boom in the world trade. Though there are certain limitations and drawbacks in the business scenario, it is still trying to achieve a memorable growth in the world trade. Nature of job determines job satisfaction which is in the form of occupation level and job content.

Job performance leads to job satisfaction and not the other way round. The basic factor for this phenomenon is the rewards (a source of satisfaction) attached with performance. There are two types of rewards-intrinsic and extrinsic. The intrinsic reward stems from the job itself which may be in the form of growth potential, challenging job, etc. the satisfaction on such a type of reward may help to increase productivity and employee motivation. The extrinsic reward is subject to control by management such as salary, bonus, etc. any increase in these factors does not help to increase productivity though these factors increase job satisfaction.

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Job satisfaction plays significant role in the organization. Therefore, managers should take concrete steps to improve the level of job satisfaction. These steps may be in the form of job redesigning to make the job more interesting and challenging, improving quality of work life, linking rewards with performance, and improving overall organizational climate.



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