Jan 19, 2010

Channel Development- MBA Project

Channel Development is MBA project at Max New York Life and can be used by HR management students for reference. Indian insurance industry is emerging rapidly after year 2000. To survive in this highly competitive scenario, managers are being pressured to improve quality, recruit quality and skilled people and eliminate inefficiency. The collective efforts of the employer, managers and other relative people assume relevance in this context. And this is where marketing management and human resources play important role.

Channel Development at Max New York Life

The main objective of the “Channel Development” is to recruit quality agent advisors (AA) for the corporate for providing insurance solutions to the shoppers. AA plays an important role within the growth of company with respect of company’s earnings still as they produce price for the organization when achieving some milestones. AA ar integral a part of the team and sales manager assigned to them facilitate them to groom them in terms of temperament development, merchandising skills and handling objections of consumers.

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Author:-Mrunal Dattatraya Samant


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