Oct 18, 2009

Project on Retail Pharmacy

Retail Pharmacy is a project to keep all the records of Pharmacy or medical shop in one place. Basically, it is a software for medical shop owners and employees, who can keep track of medicine present in the store and can generate receipt. It is based on Visual Basic (VB) and can be referred by the student for there major Computer Science engineering projects. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Project on Retail Pharmacy

It has facility like, keeping track of expired medicine, list of suppliers, refund information and update, adding new medicine in inventory, etc. The "retail pharmacy" project automates many aspects and activities of the manual system and increases its throughput. Thus the user of this software can work very easily and even faster than before. Now no need to go and search for medicine in selves. With this software you can maintain where which medicine in placed.

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This project on "Retail Pharmacy" provides its user with quick and accurate information regarding every details of medicine and its vendor. Also, any inaccurate information can be easily added or modified. This project has very user friendly GUI. Thus the users will feel very easy to work on it. The software provides accuracy along with a good interface. Use this project for your reference and study work.


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