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Feb 23, 2019

Analysis & Design of Boost Converter for Photovoltaic Cell

"Analysis and design of boost converter for photovoltaic cell" is a Electrical and ELectronics engineering project for final year students. This project proposes a replacement high increase DC-DC convertor designed particularly for regulation the DC interface between varied small sources and a DC–AC electrical converter to the electricity grid. The figuration of the planned convertor may be a quadratic boost convertor with the coupled inductance within the second boost convertor. You can also subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Analysis & Design of Boost Converter for Photovoltaic Cell

The convertor achieves high increase voltage gain with acceptable duty quantitative relation and low voltage stress on the facility switch. In addition, the energy hold on within the outpouring inductance of the coupled inductance may be recycled to the output condenser. The in operation principles and steady-state analyses of continuous-conduction mode and boundary-conduction mode square measure mentioned intimately. To verify the performance of the planned convertor, a one hundred-W model sample is enforced with associate input voltage vary of 15–30 V associated an output voltage of up to 100 V.

Circuit Diagram Boost Converter for Photovoltaic Cell


Inductor is connected in series with source voltage .When switch is ON the closed current path is obtained and current in inductor stores energy during Ton output voltage will be higher than input voltage.


By using boost converter low input current ripple, high efficiency, fast transient response can be obtained.


High ripple current by large inductor size .And many boost converter required step-up transformer. Also low voltage gain can be obtained. Maintaining high efficiency is not possible. output voltage surge and input voltage surge will also be high. The magnetic size of the converter is high.


In this paper, a high increase dc-dc convertor supported the CW voltage number while not a line or high-frequency transformer has been conferred to get a high voltage gain. Since the voltage stress on the active switches, diodes, and capacitors isn't full of the amount of cascaded stages, power elements with a similar voltage ratings are often elite. The mathematical modelling, circuit operation, style issues, and management strategy were mentioned. The management strategy of the projected convertor are often simply enforced with a billboard average-current-control CCM IC with adding a programmed CPLD.

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The projected management strategy employs 2 freelance frequencies, one in all that operates at high frequency to reduce the scale of the inductance whereas the opposite one operates at comparatively low frequency consistent with the specified output voltage ripple. Finally, the simulation and experimental results tried the validity of theoretical analysis and therefore the practicability of the projected convertor. In future work, the influence of loading on the output voltage of the projected convertor are derived for finishing the steady-state analysis.

Author:- B.Vishnu, B.Satheesh Kumar



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