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Jan 30, 2017

Mechanical Project on Four Wheel Steering

This is final year Mechanical engineering project on "four wheel steering" and the main objective of this project is to remove the mechanical linkage between the steering system and the steering wheel. Which is the essence of any system. This was achieved with the help of synchro-transmitter and receiver. This system helps improve stability and response at high speed and helps reduce driver's steering workload at low speed. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Mechanical Final year Project on Four Wheel Steering

A front wheel active steering function was added to Rear Active Steer adopted on the Fuga. By controlling the steering angle of all four wheels, this active steering system helps improve stability and response at high speed and helps reduce driver's steering workload at low speed.

Primary feature of the steerage machine is to obtain angular motion of the front wheels is to barter a turn. Steering is one of the maximum important safety factors in vehicle manage. It permits an enter provided with the aid of the driving force within the form of a torque to correspondingly manipulate the orientation of the cars transferring wheels, and therefore, path of motion of the car.

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The same old method to perform this project is thru linkage and steering tools, which converts rotary motion of steerage wheel into angular motion of the front road wheels. Throughout the developments of vehicles over the last century, diverse approaches have developed relating to the steerage device. In the course of the development of motors over the last century, various methods have evolved referring to the guidance device.

Four-wheel steering (or all wheel steering) is a system employed by some vehicles to improve steering response, increase vehicle stability while maneuvering at high speed, or to decrease turning radius at low speed. In most active four-wheel steering systems, the rear wheels are steered by a computer and actuators. The rear wheels generally cannot turn as far as the front wheels.

Steering linkage - Four Wheel Steering

This report gives a comprehensive view about steering system of a car and its various components. Also various steering systems have been described in detail and with all possible efforts. The report also covers the topic of synchro transmitter/ receiver. Use this report for your reference and study and all credit goes to its authors mentioned below.

Author:- Avdhesh Kumar Verma, Ramakant Sharma, Ashutosh Singh and Chandan Singh



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