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Aug 17, 2014

Sprocket - Side Stand Retrieve System

This is Mechanical project report on Sprocket side stand retrieve system, which help in avoiding accidents which occur due to not lifting of side stand in two wheelers. This is the major problem in Rural and urban area and contribute to a good percentage of accidents occurring during a year. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Sprocket - Side Stand Retrieve System

To prevent such accidents due to side-stand, many other methods were used earlier like ECU and mechanical project but they are not so successful. ECU methods are implemented only in costlier bikes and do not implemented in normal domestic bikes due to their high cost.

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Mechanical projects also have drawbacks like wear out of gears, making injuries in legs while actuating gears. Major drawback is it cannot use in all type of two-wheelers. So, to overcome these drawbacks “Sprocket Side Stand Retrieve System” is designed which can be attached in all type of two-wheelers (mopeds, geared, non-geared, hand geared bikes).

Sprocket-side stand retrieve system is designed using the working principle of two-wheeler according to which the power is generated in the engine and it transmits power to the pinion and makes it to rotate. The pinion transmits power to the rear wheel pinion and makes the vehicle to move. This system works by getting power from chain drive.

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This sprocket system consists of four components, which is assembled as two set up which would be explained briefly in construction and working part of this paper.

The systematic design of system is made in order to consume only very low amount of power initially for few seconds to retrieve the stand. Then the power consumption does not occurs after retrieving the stand. Construction of the proposed “sprocket side stand retrieve system” consists of four major components. They are

1. Axle
2. Sprocket pinion
3. Lifting lever
4. Pushing lever

Sprocket is the major component of this system because it is power transmitting device. It gets power from the chain drive and makes this system to work. It is the device which transmits the linear motion of meshing chain drive into rotary motion by means of the tooth found on it.

This report contains the full working of this project, assembly, construction details etc. Use this report for your reference and study purpose only.



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