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Jan 18, 2019

2020-2021 Computer Science Engineering Project Ideas

Looking for final year projects for Computer Science Engineering? Looking for the latest Computer Science projects? If your answer is yes and you are looking for such resources, then you are in right place. 

We have collected the latest Computer Science engineering project ideas for your final year project in this post and we are also going to share some of the new ideas with you. These projects are collected from various resources.


Computer Science Engineering Project Ideas


51 Computer Science Engineering Project Ideas


1. Honey Pots a Security System to Identify Black Hat Community in the Networks
2. Android Application Platform Installation with its Development
3. Advanced Biometric Techniques
4. Anopheles Mosquito Comparative Genomics
5. Android OS based Search Engine
6. Development of a Lost Articles and Letters Reconciliation System
7. Designing Ultra-Dense Computers with QCAs
8. Dynamic Data-Driven Applications Simulation (WIPER)
9. Development of a Recipe Management System
10. Morph: Morphable Computer Architectures for Highly Energy-Aware Systems
11. Secure and Reliable Computation Outsourcing
12. Languages and Systems for Data-Intensive Scientific Computing
13. Mining E-Business to Enhance Market Strategies of Company
14. ASP based Training & Placement Cell Management Project
15. Novel methods for comparing and evaluating single and metagenomic assemblies 
16. Framework of Patient Monitoring System
17. Bred vectors, singular vectors, and Lyapunov vectors in simple and complex models 
18. Allocation Algorithms for Networks with Scarce Resources
19. Efficient Image Segmentation and Segment-Based Analysis in Computer Vision Applications 
20. Learning from Multiple views of Data
21. Security System for DNS Using Cryptography
22. Support Vector Machine Identification of Subspace Hammerstein Models
23. Identifying Hidden Patterns in Students‟ Feedback through Cluster Analysis
24. The Impact of Multimedia Geographic Information System in Tourism
25. Development of Simulator for a Material Handling System Analysis of Assembly Line
26. Analysis of Structural Relationship between Immunodeficiency Viruses Using Support Vector Machine
27. Automatic Micro-calcification Detection Using Wavelet Transform
28. Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System in Predicting the Success of Student’s in a Particular Course
29. Customer Call Tracking System
30. Development of a Feature-Rich Practical Online Leave Management System (LMS)
31. Improving Capacity of Smart Grid Wireless Backhauls with Deadline Ordered Scheduler and Packet Concatenation
32. Development of a feature-rich, practical “Web Enabled Estate Agent”(WEEA)
33. Development of a Web-Based Meeting Scheduler
34. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System
35. Exploring Personalized Travel Route Using POIs
36. An e-Learning System Based on EGL and Web 2.0
37. Diagnosing Computer Bugs Using Big Data
38. Development of a Repository and Search Engine for Alumni of the College (RASE)
39. Skeletal Algorithms: Sequential Pattern Mining
40. Development of a Defect Tracking System (DTS)
41. Computational Analysis of Encrypted Database to Provide Confidentiality
42. Security Issue of Cloud-Based Storage
43. Automatic Brightness Control of the Hand-held Device Display with Low Illumination
44. Android-based Bus ticket booking system
45. Android-based Movie ticket booking system
46. Android based health tracking system
47. Web-Based Online Library System
48. Hacking Prevention using Positive Tainting
49. Weekly Automatic College Timetable Generation
50. Corporate Recruitment System (CRS)
51. SAP based Online Promotion Examination



If you have any other ideas for a Computer Science Engineering projects in your mind, we will love to hear it. So do comment below with your idea or email us. We will also add more new Computer Science Engineering project ideas to this list, so do subscribe to our email newsletter.

If you are looking for more Computer Science engineering project ideas, you can refer to our Computer Science projects section. Do leave your feedback and query in the comments or through our Facebook page.



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