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Apr 11, 2015

Project on Automatic IR Tap Controller

Automatic wash basin tap controller is primarily based on infrared technology and is a system that detects any interruption of the IR signals by our hands or utensils and water automatically starts flowing out of the tap. Automatic IR Tap Controller is good project topic for Electronics students. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Transmitter Automatic IR Tap Controller

The circuit in the main contains Transmitter & Receiver that area unit designed with the 555 Timer. Each need five volts D.C. Supply. The IR rays unceasingly emitted by the transmitter fall on the receiver. we've used associate degree IR sensing element – TSOP1738 associate degreed an infra-red crystal rectifier.

Receiver Automatic IR Tap Controller

A relay is employed within the circuit along side the free-wheeling diode to drive the Solenoid. Solenoid is employed to carry up the valve fitted within the pipe to let the water emanate of the faucet. The circuit is easy, economical and finds wide application in everyday life.

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The aim of this project is to make an automatic wash basin tap controller with help of 555 timer, IR crystal rectifier and infrared sensing element. The general module ought to be miniature to permit portability and will be economical.

This circuit finds wide applications in our daily life. This circuit is not only used for automatically controlling the tap of wash-basin but it can be used for controlling the dryers, blowers and door opening and closing by replacing the solenoid.

This project report on automatic IR tap controller, contains full component description with their working, circuit diagrams wherever needed, full working of the project, etc. Use this report for your reference and study purpose.



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