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Oct 23, 2013

Radio & Remote Controlled Home Appliance

Progress & Development in field of solid state electronics as well as in communication field has been extraordinary from last three decades. In every field of real world it has extended its hands whether it is about, human contact or any physical efforts. In this paper, we present a handheld device for remotely controlling home appliances via a mixed modality of button, and light. This solution is superior to the existing universal remote controllers in that it can be used by the users with physical and vision impairments in a natural manner.

Radio Controlled & Remote Control

By connecting this circuit to any of your home appliances (lamp, fan, radio, etc), you can make the appliance turn on/off from a TV, VCD or DVD remote control. The circuit can be activated from up to 10 meters. The 38kHz rays generated by the remote control are received by IR receiver module of the circuit. The amplified signal is fed to clock pins of decade counter IC CD4013 (IC1).

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Radio control is the use of radio signals to remotely control any device or appliances. The term is used frequently to refer to the control of model vehicles from a hand-held radio transmitter. Industrial, military, and scientific research organizations make use of radio-controlled vehicles as well.

Any remote control can be a component of an electronic devices unit, most often the television set, DVD MOVIE person and also home theater systems actually useful for operating the product wirelessly from your limited line-of-sight long distance. Use this report for your study ans reference work only.

Author:-Akash Kumar, Popin & Rahul Kumar



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