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Aug 16, 2013

Smart Home:Remote Home Control

The development of technology has given many different way for living and there has been many development since then in living standard of people. And today's project also is one example of use of technology in improving our way of living and aims at switching the home appliances using a remote control. This project on Smart home may help a person to switch on and off the appliances from his/her own position. It reduces his toil and his waste of time. This project also provides a facility of increasing and decreasing the intensity and speed of lights and fans of the room. It also controls the mains supply and the chimney. An LCD is used to display the corresponding message on the screen.

Block Diagram of Smart Remote Home Control

This project is to automate the home appliances using a remote. This remote consists of a 4X4 switch matrix, a DTMF encoder IC and an IR LED. When the switch from the remote is pressed, an encoded signal of mixed frequency of row and column is transmitted through the IR LED.

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A remote has a 4X4 matrix i.e. 16 buttons to control different devices. An IR pair is used as a transceiver to switch the devices. DTMF encoder and decoder transmit and receive the IR rays. The decoded output is then fed to the microcontroller (8051) to control the devices using relays.

A small fan and LEDs are used to demonstrate the working. The working of chimney is shown through a LED. An LCD screen is also used to display the messages to show the switched appliance. This report includes complete working, block diagram, circuit diagram, hardware details and future scope of the project. Use it only for your reference and study work.

Author:-Sumit Gupta



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