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Jan 14, 2012

PC Controlled Robot ECE Project

This is a good final-year electronics project report on a "PC-controlled robot" and aims to develop a mini-robot that can be controlled through a computer and can find its way in a maze. 

This Robot is going to be controlled by a computer with a wide range of functions that we are going to be discussed below. The robot will be controlled from a computer terminal. The user can use the computer to control by using different keys on the computer.

  Above shows the block diagram of this project called PC controlled robot and has 3 major parts which are Micro-controller (for robot), wireless transmitter-receiver (between robot and computer terminal), and video signal. 

 This project is based on RF Trans-reception and microcontroller. This project report includes a circuit diagram of PC controlled robot, full working, a flow chart for help, and microcontroller programming. Use it for your reference and study work. 


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