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Oct 6, 2010

Mini Projects List and Seminar for Final Year

As Engineering students move to their third year they have to make mini projects to get good marks. Even in there final year they have to submit a Mini Project in 7th semester. So to make there work easy we have collected a huge list of Mini projects and Seminar for final year and third year students which will help them in making there mini projects. These mini project are for Electronics, Electrical, Computer science and IT students. Don't completely relies on this and try to make your mini project yourself so that it can help you to make your major project also. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

These Mini Projects can also be made as final year major projects by modification or adding some more features if required.

Mini projects and Seminar for Final Year

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Based Alcohol Sensor
Line Follower Robot
Development of Serial UART from Mini USB
Temperature Monitoring System
C Project on Mobile Company Database
Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter And Receiver
Online Blood Bank Website
Laser Guided Door Opener
Fastest Finger First Indicator
PC Controlled With TV Remote
Project on Mobile Bug
Automatic Water Pump Control System
Infrared Remote Control On/Off Switch
Fire Monitoring System Project Report With Microcontroller Programming
Remote Controlled Fan Regulator
Constant-Current Battery Charger
Inverter For Soldering Iron
Remote Controlled Digital Audio Processor
Space Navigation and Guidance Project
Ultimate Alarm Clock Microcontroller Project
The Smart Trash Cans Project
Dual-Gain Microphone Audio Preamplifier
100W Guitar Amplifier Mk II
10 W Audio Amplifier Constructional Project
HAM Radio Communication-The Redeemer In Disasters
Construct a 9V Door Bell Chime
Construct a two station Intercom
Temperature Switch Project
Hospital Management System
Creation of a DMZ
Creation of a sniffer and a port scanner
Library Management System
Hotel Management System
Timetable generation
CD library management
Admission procedure
Online passport registration
Ice cream parlor management system
Project on Electrical Testing of Live-line Rope
Computer Telephony Integration
Electronic Valve Actuation
Smart Battery Monitoring System
Multi Level Converter DC 42V to DC 14V
Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC)
Temperature controlled Fan
Voltage Source Converter
High Performance Bio-Diesel Bike Project
Self Inflating Tyres
Automatic Rain Operated Wiper System For Automobile
Wear Debris Analysis

For more mini projects and seminar just keep searching and browsing our site and forum.


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