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Jan 23, 2011

Dot Net Project List for Final Year

Lot of Final year and 3rd year students of computer related branch think to make there final year or mini project on Dot Net. So we have collected some of the direct to download Dot net Project and some Dot Net Topic for Final year which will help in Students in there project. Please use this project only for your reference and study. If you have any dot net project in mind you can share with all through your Comments. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

Dot Net Project List for Final Year

Dot Net Project List For Final Year

Dot Net Project on Speech Recognition System
Ajax Rating System Dot Net Project
An ID System Dot Net Project
SQL Tuner DOT Net Project
YouTube Automation System
Apartment Management System
Distributed mobility management for target tracking in mobile sensor networks
Efficient query processing in peer to-peer networks
Character Recognition System
XML code editor with syntax checker and syntax coloring
Efficient broadcasting in mobile AD HOC networks
Intrusion Detection System / Firewall
Project Planning Management Dot Net Project

Mobile Shop Project
Office Automation Project
Call Center Management Dot Net Project
Storage of marketing collateral Dot Net Project
Console Application Dot Net Project
Home Automation System with Mobile Automation through GSM
Education Management System
New Category Dot Net Project
Dot Net Project on Customer Order List
Buns Pizza Sales Inventory System Dot Net Project Code
Voice/Speech based Browser
Alert based monitoring of stock trading systems
web-based recruitment process system
Online bug tracking and customer support system
Dot Net Project Code On Bank Management System
Consumer Complaints Dot Net Project
Hotel Management System Dot Net Project
Online webmart system for jewellery
Computerized Enrollment System Dot Net Project
Online Ticket Reservation System
Bluetooth based employee attendance system
Network problem notification via SMS
Automated backup and recovery scheduler
Home Automation System with Speech Recognition
Hospital management system
Customer Query Management System
ICS (Inventory Control System)

We have lot more project in DOT NET just keep browsing the site and Forum. Comment for any particular project on Dot net and we will try to help you out.


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