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Nov 28, 2010

Computer Science Project on Crime File System

This is the Project report on Crime file system which is a good project report for Computer science, IT Engineering, MCA etc. Crime File System is a system used to report crimes. This project is based on VB6.0 as front end, and MS Access as back end.This project is mainly useful for police stations. This system will help to manage all the activities in a police station using computers. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar. You can also see project Code on crime file system .

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The modules involved in this project are:

Login for user and admin
Complaint registration
View complaint status
Criminal register management
FIR Management
Case History Details management
Managing Postmortem details
Prisoners register management
Manage list about most wanted criminals

The document provide the feasibility of the project that is being designed and lists various areas that were considered very carefully during the feasibility study of this project such as Technical, Economic and Operational feasibility. Use this report for your reference and study work.




  1. Hi i like to submit this project.Am doing MCA final yr am moving to final project semester.Am from poor family.So no much amount to pay for project in training center.So please help me.I want to submit title 15-12-2010 tomorow.So please mail Computer Science Project On Crime File System project complete source code to my mail. my email id:

  2. Don't worry Will mail the Project

  3. Hai dear, i like this project.Am doing BSc final yr am moving to final project semester.Am Have no knowledge for language side.So could`n know create a new project in languages side.So please please please please help me.So please mail Computer Science Project On Crime File System project complete source code to my mail. my email id: .please please please

  4. Please download the Project code from below link.

  5. Plz HELP....i am a Final yr student... i need a project like mobile phone antivirus, motion senson, or any other project in Java,Matlab or .net ASAP.... plzz help..
    mail me on

  6. We have lot of Java & . net projects please see our computer section.

  7. hey im in need of a php project for my major project @college with mysql database plz mail any relevant project asap as im really short of time -

  8. Please see our Project On

    Website Project Report On New Feeder

    It is a PHP Project.

  9. hi sir ,i want this project crimefile backend as sql so how can i do that can u help me with this plzzzzzzz waiting 4 ur rplyy!!

  10. Instead of MS Access use SQL as back End

  11. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz can u send me the project report and source code of tihs project.have to sumit it this ID is

  12. Nikhila try above download link.

  13. i also want this project plz send it to my id.. but wants sql as a backend

  14. can u send me Crime File System E R mY ID


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