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Sep 3, 2010

Image Scan using Phototransistor Array

"Image Scan using Phototransistor Array" is a good final year Microcontroller project for electronics students which uses a phototransistor array to detect light intensity and then transmits all data to MATLAB for processing. Normally, image scan is done with a CCD overlaid with a photo active layer of silicon. When light strikes the sensor array, the CCD shifts charge through stages of capacitors into a charge amplifier, which in turn converts the charge to a voltage signal. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar topics.

Project on Image Scan using Phototransistor Array

The main aim of this project was to explore the concept of using an array of phototransistors to replace the function of the photoactive silicon layer. Engineers built an array of phototransistors and attached them to an X-Y plotter so that they could scan a large area. The light signal detected by phototransistors is captured by the Mega644 A/D converter and then transmitted to MATLAB using a serial connection. MATLAB scripts were created to control the scanner as well as perform image process.

Block Diagram of Image Scan using Phototransistor Array

The photoactive device used in this project is the phototransistor. When light reaches a phototransistor, the electrons that are generated by photons in the base-collector junction are injected into the base. This current is amplified by the transistor's current gain. With our choice of phototransistor, the current caused by the incident light is nearly a linear function of the light intensity.

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This project report includes circuit diagram, block diagram, programming and everything else you would need to build your own project. Thanks to the author of this project.

Author:- Yunchi Luo and Mengliang Yu

Source:- Cornell University



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