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Nov 15, 2009

Optical Fibers in Communications Presentation

Optical Fibers is not a new term for all of us. They are now the majority carrier of our data and signal. This is the presentation on optical fiber used in communication. Optical fiber are made of two parts viz. the core and the cladding. The core is part where the light rays travel and the cladding is a similar material of slightly lower refractive index to cause total internal reflection. Usually both sections are fabricated from silica (glass). The light within the fiber is then continuously totally internally reflected along the waveguide.

We are currently in the middle of a rapid increase in the demand for data bandwidth across the Earth. For most applications optical fibers are the primary solution to this problem. They have potentially a very high bandwidth, with many of the bandwidth limitations now being at the transceivers rather than being an intrinsic property of the fiber allowing easy upgrading of systems without relaying cable.



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