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Nov 5, 2009

Optical Fibers in Communications

Communication is an important part of our daily life. The communication process involves information generation, transmission, reception and interpretation. As needs for various types of communication such as voice, images, video and data communications increase demands for large transmission capacity also increase. This need for large capacity has driven the rapid development of light wave technology; a worldwide industry has developed.

The fundamental principle that makes optical fibers possible is total internal reflection which is described in this report. In fibers, there are two significant sections – the core and the cladding. The core is part where the light rays travel and the cladding is a similar material of slightly lower refractive index to cause total internal reflection. Usually both sections are fabricated from silica (glass). The light within the fiber is then continuously totally internally reflected along the waveguide.

Author: J. Madhu Sudhana Rao, D.Manoj Kumar



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