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Oct 23, 2009

Speech compression using Wavelets

Speech is a very basic way for humans to convey information to one another and Speech compression is the technology of converting speech into an encoded representation that can later be used and decoded to produce a close approximation of the original Speech signal. The wavelet transform of a signal decomposes the original signal into wavelets coefficients at different scales and positions.

These coefficients represent the signal in the wavelet domain and all data operations can be performed using just the corresponding wavelet coefficients. The major issues concerning the design of this Wavelet based speech coder are choosing optimal wavelets for speech signals, decomposition level in the DWT, thresholding criteria for coefficient truncation and efficient encoding of truncated coefficients.

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Speech coding is currently an active topic for research in the areas of Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuit technologies and Digital Signal Processing (DSP). The Discrete Wavelet Transform performs very well in the compression of recorded speech signals. For real time speech processing however, its performance is not as good.



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