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Oct 22, 2009

Seminar on Digital signature

Digital signature is a way of making documents secure online like Cryptography. Today Cryptography is a not a new word for all of us and it is one of the common way of making our data secure, such that no one can read it without a key. Your communication could possibly be changed utilizing a ‘code’ (in which circumstance every personality or maybe number of people is tried by means of an alternate one), or maybe ‘cipher’ (in which circumstance this communication as a whole is changed, as an alternative to personal characters). The item relates to encryption, decryption along with authentication.

Cryptography is mainly of two types, viz. Secret key or Symmetric cryptography and Public key or Asymmetric cryptography which is discussed in this report in detail. In Symmetric Cryptography the sender and receiver of a message know and use the same secret key to encrypt the message, and the receiver uses same key to decrypt the message. Asymmetric (or public key) Cryptography involves two related keys, one of which only the owner knows (the 'private key') and the other which anyone can know (the 'public key').

Recommended Project: Visual Cryptographic Steganography in Images with Coding

Digital signatures are basically same as your handwritten signature. You use it to authenticate the fact that you promised something that you can't take back later. A digital signature doesn't involve signing something with a pen and paper then sending it over the Internet. But like a paper signature, it attaches the identity of the signer to a transaction.

A digital signature can also be used to verify that information has not been altered after it was signed. A digital signature is an electronic signature to be used in all imaginable type of electronic transfer. Digital signature significantly differs from other electronic signatures in term of process and results. Use this report for your reference and study work only.



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