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Sep 28, 2009

Multi-Resolution Watermark based on Wavelet Transform for Digital Images

The overabundant and easily accessible digital data on the internet has made it the most vulnerable information-store subject to piracy. Digital watermarking is a tool developed to fight piracy. The rapid expansion of the internet in the recent years has rapidly increased the availability of digital data such as audio, images and videos to the public. As we have witnessed in the past few months, the problem of protecting multimedia information becomes more and more important and a lot of copyright owners are concerned about protecting any illegal duplication of their data or work. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Multi-Resolution Watermark based on Wavelet Transform for Digital Images

The concept of sturdy watermarking of images, is to embed facts records inside the photograph with an insensible shape for human visible system, but in a manner that protects from assaults including not unusual photograph processing operations. The intention is to produce an image that appears exactly the same to a human eye but nevertheless allows its fine identity in comparison with the proprietor's key if important.

This paper attempts to first introduce the overall idea for digital watermarking as well as some of its fundamental notions. It's far followed through describing a few programs of watermarking techniques and the problems faced on this new era. The paper ends with a top level view on some copyright protection strategies, concerning watermarking and it is also seen as to why digimarks have emerge as an essential studies difficulty of late.

Digital watermarking is a method that has obtained lots of attention in the past few years. A virtual watermark may be defined as a visible or preferably invisible identification code that is completely embedded in the data. It approach that it remains gift within the information after any decryption procedure.

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Visible and invisible watermarks each serve to deter robbery, however they accomplish that in very one of a kind methods. Visible watermarks are specially beneficial for conveying a direct declare of ownership. The principle gain of such watermarks, in principle at least, is they genuinely eliminate the economic fee of the file to a could-be thief without lessening the document's utility for valid, authorized purposes. Invisible watermarks, then again, are more of an aid in catching the thief than discouraging the robbery inside the first vicinity.

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