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Aug 15, 2009

Student Project Personal Assistant

Student project personal assistant is a project on dot Net and used for managing personal details. This project support address book feature - add, edit and manage contacts and addresses. You can add more features like manage personal expenses, calendar, personal task management, reminders etc. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Student Project Personal Assistant

The existing system only provides text-based interface, which is not as user-friendly as Graphical user Interface. Since the system is implemented in Manual, so the response is very sluggish. The transactions are carried out in off-line mode, as a result on line information capture and modification is not possible. Off-line reviews can not be generated because of batch mode execution.

The Student Project Personal Assistant automates each and every activity of the manual system and increases its throughput. For this reason the reaction time of the gadget is very much less and it really works very fast.

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The undertaking is primarily based at the student venture private Assistant, being the information system it calls for enormous use of a few facts base control machine to save, control and cope with the huge and complex document. In RDBMS we are able to act diverse attributes with the database like enhancing the information, changes Deletions of the data, view the information in diverse codecs, listing the database and many others. venture can be classified by means of their functioning and relation with their database and other equipment can categorize undertaking.

In view that this project has been advanced primarily based on the Relation facts Base control gadget, so Proposed gadget comes beneath RDBMS (Relational Database management machine) class, as there may be need to shop and manage a big quantity of information associated with patients as in line with various queries. Use this report only for your reference and study work.



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