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Feb 3, 2009

Infra Red Wireless Door Monitor

Technology has given us power to protect our self and today with latest gadget we can do that easily. Monitoring system is one of the good way to secure our homes and we can implement such project easily. This door monitor project uses an infrared beam to monitor door & other areas. This project uses IR rays to trigger the alarm and whenever the beam is broken a relay is tripped which can be used to sound a bell or alarm. Suitable for detecting customers entering a shop, cars coming up a driveway, etc. The IR beam is very strong. Distances over 25 feet can be monitored. A 12VDC supply is required to power the circuit. A 12V wall adapter is fine. Provision has been made so that only one power supply needs to be used to power both units. The relay is rated to switch mains voltages. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

Transmitter circuit of Infra Red Wireless Door Monitor

The door monitor transmitter board consists of two square-wave oscillators, one running at approx. 250Hz and the other running at 38kHz. The 38kHz frequency acts as a carrier wave and is required by the IR receiver module on the receiver board. This carrier wave is “ANDed” or modulated by the 250Hz frequency to produce an output signal that contains bursts of 38kHz at a rate of 250Hz. This signal is used to drive an infrared LED.

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Receiver circuit of Infra Red Wireless Door Monitor

The door monitor receiver consists of an IR receiver module that detects the incoming IR beam from the transmitter. Use this project for you study. See other detail below or in source link.

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