Feb 9, 2010

Content Based Search of Mechanical Assemblies

Content based Search of Mechanical assemblies is good Mechanical project and facilitate reuse of existing assembly designs, thereby reducing the design time. Second, a lot of useful Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) knowledge is embedded in existing assemblies.You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects.

Content Based Search of Mechanical Assemblies

This thesis describes a system for performing content-based searches on assembly databases. It lists the templates identified for comprehensive search definitions and describes algorithms to perform content-based searches for mechanical assemblies. The characteristics of mechanical assemblies were identified and categorized based on their
similarity and computational complexity to perform comparison.

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The mechanical assemblies consist of either the pointers to or a copy of the geometry of the constituent parts. An assembly in a CAD system can be made of individual parts or sub-assemblies. The sub-assemblies are made of its constituent parts. The constituent parts and sub assemblies are represented in a tree structure that represents the bill of materials of the assembly.

Author: Deshmukh, Abhijit

Source: University of Maryland

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