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Jul 7, 2019

Java based Project on Airline Reservation

When it comes to planning for your final year project, it becomes very tricky as there are so many topics to choose from. In this article, we are talking about Computer Science and IT project which is Java & HTML based and is used in day-to-day life. Yes, the name of this project is "Airline Reservation System". Basically, this project was built for fulfilling project requirements for Master of Computer Application (MCA). But, you can use it for any stream. You can also subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Airline Reservation System

This project is built to give a better service to the customer at the time of reserving the ticket of airline and eradicate the problems faced by the customer to some extent.

The Airline Reservation System (ARS) was one of the earliest changes to improve efficiency. ARS eventually evolved into the Computer Reservation System (CRS). A Computer Reservation System is used for the booking of a particular airline and interfaces with a Global Distribution System (GDS) which supports travel agencies and other distribution channels in making reservations for the most major airlines in a single system. Airline Reservation System contains airline schedule, fare traffics, passenger reservations and ticket records.

An airline’s direct distribution works within their own reservation system, as well as pushing out information to the GDS. The second type of direct distribution channel is consumers who use the internet or mobile application to make their own reservations.

These projects have successfully implemented with proper authentication and services. There are 2 main development modules in the project. They are

1. Admin Module
2. User/Customer Module

Admin Module:

Admin plays a key role throughout the whole project. Admin having own username and password keeps track of the flight details and also about the customer. He can approve and can also reject the booking application of the customer.

User/Customer Modules:

The user also has his/her own username and password for log on. After log on, he/she can view all the flights and their details and can book tickets as per the requirement. User can also view and edit his own profile.

Online Air Ticket Booking system is to provide an option to customers to book the tickets online and to check the confirmation online. This system will help the company to sell flight tickets online. Unless like in the previous stage people as to walk into a travel agency or this company ticket counter to buy the tickets and also to check the flight timings. This problem is overcome by introducing this system.

Objectives of the project

1. Online air ticketing saves time by reducing the time involved in the physical transportation of the customer to the reservation counter; online air ticketing process saves time in absolute terms.

2. It enables the customer to purchase tickets from the remote areas, thereby increasing the customer-centricity of the services provided.

3. With a segment of customers opting for the online facilities, the pressure at the reservation counter is substantially reduced.

4. Reduction in the pressure at the reservation counter creates scope to curtail the number of employees at the reservation counters, contributing in cost-cut to the company.

5. With faster, easier and hassle-free services to the customer, the company is poised for a better competitive advantage in the face of the oligopolistic structure.

6. The online portal can be used to ascertain any particular facilities that the customer might be looking forward to during the journey.

7. The portal can also be used to inform the prospective customers about the future economy option and other functional benefits that the company could have planned; thereby, enabling the customer to plan in advance.

8. With the induction of the cash on the delivery system, the customer can easily deliver his air-tickets while being at home.

Software specification:

Operating System: Windows’2k and above
Front end: Java, servlet, JSP, HTML
Back end: SQL Server 2000
Server: Weblogic Bea server 9.0

This project report on "Airline Reservation system" is in detail and covers every aspect which you need to make your own project. It has system specification, software specification, database design, table structure, data flow diagram, ER diagram, implementation, testing, coding, and many more things. Use this report for your reference and study only.

Author:- Khitish Kumar Das



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