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Oct 20, 2018

Mechanical Project on Manual Pedal Power Hacksaw

This is final year Mechanical project on "manual pedal power hacksaw". This manually operated human power hacksaw is a power hacksaw machine which is designed to develop power manually instead of automatic. The power developed is more as compared to that of the handsaw. This machine is designed to cut the metal pipe of mild steel and other mild steel mixed with zinc alloy at the desired angle. The power is delivered through the pedal to which round wheel is attached with the hacksaw link for many years a hand operated hacksaw was the only means of sawing off metal. You can also subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Mechanical Project on Manual Pedal Power Hacksaw

In the past few years, the power hacksaw has become very important in the machine shop operation. In some instances, it is used in production operations prior to machining operations. Nearly all power hacksaw raise the blade on the return stroke, this feature prevents dulling of the blade.

Manually operated pedal power hacksaw has a vice table which is attached to the power providing section through the clamping bolt in order to prevent the sudden vibration of the system, the grounding feature has been bid to the vice table leg it can be grounded anywhere to the machine shop. The power hacksaw uses a reciprocating cutting action similar to the used in handsaw.


The primary objective of this project on manual pedal power hacksaw is to design a machine which is effective in cost, easy to manufacture and find its application in different fields such as in industries, in rural areas, in a metal cutting shop etc
Our second aim is to design a machine that can be operated without electricity, very little effort is required by human beings to operate it and its power output (cutting rate) is high.

Construction of Manual Pedal Power Hacksaw

Advantages of Human Power Hacksaw Machine

The pedal power hacksaw is simpler in design.
The power provided by pedals more than that of an ordinary handsaw.
The power developed is more as compare to than that of ordinary saw machine.
It cuts the metal sharpely upto90 degree by rotating the vice.

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Disadvantages of Human Power Hacksaw Machine

It can not cut metal sheets.
It can not be used for large-scale cutting.

This project report contains everything which you need to build your project from component list, figures, working, future scope, etc. Use this final year project for your reference and study work only.

Author:- Aditya Panwar, Chandrashekhar, Dinesh Bhatya, Kamal Chandel, Naveen Choudhry, Praduhman Singh, Shashank Gosain, Shubham Mundra



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