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Nov 4, 2017

[60+] Machine Learning Project Ideas

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence which is also sub-branch of Computer Engineering. According to Wikipedia, "Machine learning is a field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed". The term "Machine Learning" was coined in 1959 by Arthur Samuel. If you are looking for Machine Learning project ideas, then you are at right place as this post has many ideas for your first Machine Learning project. If you have any idea in mind, please comment it and we would add it to this list. You can also subscribe to Final Year Project's by Email for more projects and seminar on Machine learning.

Machine Learning Project Ideas for Final Year

Machine Learning Project Ideas for Students

Machine Learning Gladiator
Play Money Ball
Predict Stock Prices
Teach a Neural Network to Read Handwriting
Investigate Enron
Write ML Algorithms from Scratch
Mine Social Media Sentiment
Improve Health Care
Object Recognition System
Face Recognition System
Movie Rating Predictor
Photo tagging
Recommender systems
Credit default prediction
Social network analysis
Statistical analysis of consumer durables
Web and text analysis
Detect occurrences of an idiom
Guess word senses for items outside the lexicon
Non-negative matrix factorization
Election Result Predictor
Support Vector Machines
Singular Value Decomposition
3D Point Estimation Using Recursive Networks
Beating Daily Fantasy Football
Beating the Bookies: Predicting the Outcome of Soccer Games
GNSS Pseudorange Classification and Satellite Selection
Human Activity Recognition Using Smartphone Data
Applying Machine Learning to Music Classification
Detecting Musical Key with Supervised Learning
ASL Fingerspelling Interpretation
Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Steering Angle Prediction in Self-Driving Cars
Automated Image-based Detection of State of Construction Progress
Classification of Driver Distraction
Deep Learning Based Food Recognition
Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy with Convolutional Neural Networks
Driving a car with low dimensional input features
Machine Learning for Different Calligraphers Style Recognition
Neural Networks for Video Frame Interpolation
PDF Table Extractor
Plant Leaf Recognition
Portfolio Management using Reinforcement Learning
Predicting Flight Delays Using Weather Data
Predicting News Sharing on Social Media
Predicting Stock Price Movement Using Crowd Sentiment Analysis
Stock Market Trends Prediction after Earning Release
Wind Power and Electric Load Forecasting
Adversarial Machine Learning against Keystroke Dynamics
Automatic Recognition of Pick and Roll Plays
Complementary Venue Recommendation Model for Yelp
Creating a Dominion AI using Genetic Algorithms
Distance Correlation
High-Speed Autonomous Driving through Unknown Map
Machine Learning for Aircraft System Identification
Movie Recommendation: Aggregation of Collaborative Filtering and Low-rank Matrix Recovery
Predict Commercial Promoted Contents Will Be Clicked By User
Weather Forecasting
Temperature predictions for the Y2E2 building
Algorithms for Learning Good Heuristics
Application of Machine Learning to Link Prediction
Deep Reinforcement Learning for General Game Playing



We will keep this post updated with latest Machine Learning project ideas for the final year, so do not forget to subscribe our blog and do comment if you know more project topics for Machine Learning.


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