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Dec 9, 2021

Coin Based Water Controlling System

This is Electronics and Electrical (EEE) project work on "coin based water controlling system", which is a very innovative project and can be used in public places like the bus station and railway stations etc. This project uses a solenoid tap, which is controlled by the relays. In this project, 12V/5A transformer step down the 230V to 12V and then this voltage is feeded to a rectifier. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Then this rectifier converts 12V AC to 12v DC source, which is again fed to filter to get pure DC. Now, the regulator is used to convert 12V DC to 5v DC. This output is connected to coin sensor circuit and 555 timer unit. Timer output is the driver for two relays, viz. water filling relay and discharge relay.

Electrical Electronics Coin Based Water Controlling System

Working of "coin based water controlling system" is very simple and when a coin is put in the coin box, coin triggers a switch the switch trigger a two transistor based timer.

Then when the switch is activated, it provides positive supply to Q1 transistor base when Q1 gate base voltage it forward negative current through the emitter to collector and collector output is fed to timing capacitor(1000uf/25v) when once a capacitor charged its stores the negative current in it. We said to the timing delay to R2 (100kohm). Here we said (0-1 min) different time period. This stored current fed to Q2 transistor.

Block Diagram of Coin Based Water Controlling System

However, capacitor negative voltage provides supplied to Q2 transistor base it activates the positive supply Q3 base. Q3 get positive supply it activates an NPN transistor. This transistor activates a relay connected tap. However, relay activated it provides a positive supply to auto timer driver circuit. Here we used a 555 timer as an Astable multivibrator mode. However, the relay activated the 555timer generates a clock pulse through R1, R2, and C.

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The 555 timer pin3 generates a square wave this output is fed to CD4017 Decade counter. It indicates a timer output through LED and provides supply to solenoid relay driving transistor. However, solenoid drive activates it provides AC supply to solenoid tap.

This report contains circuit diagram of a coin based water controlling system, block diagram, its working and other details. Please use this project for your reference and study giving full credits to the authors of this project.

Author:- N. Sai Srinivas Yasaswi, S.Sravan Kumar, and G.Santhosh



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