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Jul 16, 2017

Photonic Band Gap Materials for Non-Linear Optical Applications

This is Engineering Physics final year project on "photonic band gap materials for non-linear optical applications". Photonic crystals are the recent buzz topic in the research field. These crystals possess varied properties which make them highly vital in the optical industry. By the introduction of a line defect in the linear photonic crystal would create localization of photons in the crystal. The localization of photons in the crystal would immensely increase the electric field thereby creating a nonlinearity in the crystal which enhances its functionalities. You can also subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Project on Photonic Band Gap Materials for Non-Linear Optical Applications

Photonic band-gap materials have acquired a considerable amount of attention in the research domain recently. A photonic crystal is a periodic array of dielectric structures with different dielectric constants arranged alternatively, designed in order to modify the characteristics of light propagating within it. These crystals have a band gap that forbids propagation of a certain frequency range of light. This property enables one to control light with amazing facility and produce effects that are impossible with conventional optics. A well-known example of such a crystal is the quarter-wave reflector.

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The physics of photonic is quite similar to that of the semiconductor physics. Hence, here we are starting with the band theory of solids. The band formation in photonic crystals, localization of electrons has been explained with this frontier.

In this Engineering Physics project, the characteristics of the transmittance as a function of frequency have been studied for a photonic crystal. Also, the transmittance curve has been simulated in this project.

As per the study of this project, the photonic crystal is an array of two Fabry Perot etalons with varying refractive indices placed adjacent to each other. The author has simulated the transmittance characteristics of the Fabry Perot etalon.

The future scope of this project involves the study of the transmittance of photonic crystals. Introducing the defect in the photonic crystals would create the localization of photons in the defect mode and ultimately enhance the electric field significantly thereby creating a non-linearity in the crystal.

Also to synthesize a photonic crystal and then introducing a defect thereby creating localization of electrons in the crystal. The defect in the crystal leads to non-linearity and the crystal is studied for non-linear optics applications.Thanks to the author of this project and use it only for your study and reference work.

Author: Ekta Patil, Gopika K



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