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Apr 8, 2017

Study of Cryogenic Air Separation Unit using Aspen Hysys

This is M.Tech Mechanical engineering project on "simulation study of cryogenic air separation unit using aspen hysys at Rourkela Steel Plant". As the name suggest the simulation investigation of cryogenic air separation unit (Rourkela steel plant, Odisha) is done by using Aspen Hysys. It is based on steady state and dynamic (high pressure column and low pressure column) both. The dynamic air separation unit has been designed based on PI controller. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Study of Cryogenic Air Separation Unit using Aspen Hysys

Requirement of Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon gases is increases day by day specially in steel industries because these 3 components are very important for steel production. They are used in processes like decarburization, desulphurization, hydrogen elimination, nitrogenation, argon, oxygen removal, metallic reducing, welding, and cooling, etc.

Cryogenic air separation has the nice impact to split the air. Study and analyses of practical plant performance through computer aided programs has better results and are cost effective. Aspen Hysys by Aspen Technology is one of the fundamental process simulators that are broadly used in cryogenic, chemical and thermodynamic process industries today.

Types of Separation Techniques

Mainly there are 3 type of air separation method which are used i.e. (a) distillation, (b) adsorption and (c) membranes.

Distillation approach is one of the most efficient of the three technologies. And able to produce for both high purities greater than 99% and large scale productions.

Adsorption method is able to produce purities of oxygen up to 95%, but this approach requires adsorbent which has limited size and saturation problem and also costly capacity due primarily to capital costs.

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Other techniques of air separation are pressure swing adsorption and Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption, are used to separate a single component of atmospheric air. But high purity oxygen, nitrogen, and argon are produced by cryogenic distillation.

Cryogenic air separation technology has the ability to produce the largest volumes of products at a moderate to high-purity level, compared to non-cryogenic based systems such as pressure-swing adsorption and membrane technologies, which are employed at the lower end of production scale and low purities. That is why this method is so important.

This project on "simulation study of cryogenic air separation unit using aspen hysys" also discuss about the plant efficiency, specific power consumption, product purity and behaviour of process parameter with respect to time and feed disturbance. This project is specifically for Cryogenic and Vacuum Technology which comes under Mechanical engineering.

This report contains process flow diagram of air separation plant, dynamic simulation diagram, results and tables, etc. Use this project report for your reference and study work only and many thanks to the author of the project.


Author:- Deepak Kumar Bhunya



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