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May 24, 2016

SoC Estimation of Rechargeable Batteries

This is M.Tech project which aims at developing a novel method to estimate the SoC and remaining run time of a rechargeable battery which overcomes the drawbacks of existing methods. The proposed method is based on renowned Coulomb Counting technique. The proposed method predicts the SoC by Coulomb Counting method and corrects it using PI controller by employing a closed loop to estimate actual SoC. The proposed method is simple and easy to implement. The SoC as well as remaining run time are estimated accurately. You can also subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Battery is the most broadly used energy storage gadget. Since its creation, it has turned into a typical force hotspot for different family unit, business and mechanical applications. Regardless of its steadily expanding significance, numerous difficulties stay unsolved to portray and deal with the battery. Among them, one central issue is the estimation of condition of charge (SoC).

SoC Estimation of Rechargeable Batteries

SoC, communicated in rate, alludes to the measure of limit accessible in a battery. SoC is basic for displaying and overseeing batteries. On the off chance that SoC is 100%, mirrors a full battery and if SoC is 0%, mirrors a void battery.

Data on SoC can be utilized to control charging and releasing procedure of the batteries. A decent SoC estimation offers numerous focal points, for example, longer battery life, better battery execution and expanded dependability of battery pack. There are a few techniques for deciding SoC.

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The proposed technique predicts the SoC by Coulomb Counting strategy and amends it utilizing PI controller by utilizing a shut circle to appraise genuine SoC. The proposed technique is straightforward and simple to execute. The SoC and in addition remaining runtime are assessed precisely.

In light of the new technique, a model is created utilizing MATLAB/SIMULINK. The code comparing to create model is dumped in an objective PC and is keep running continuously for online estimation of SoC. The required parameters, for example, voltage and current at the battery terminals are gained by target PC and SoC is assessed. Evaluated SoC and remaining runtime are utilized for control the charging and releasing procedure of the battery. An equipment test seat is produced for obtaining voltage and ebb and flow at the battery terminals for online estimation of SoC.

This project on "SoC Estimation of Rechargeable Batteries" can be easily referred by many engineering branch students like Power, Electrical, Electronics, etc. Use this report for your reference and study purpose only.

Author:- Jeevan Reddy N



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