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May 8, 2016

Planning, Analysis, Design and Estimation of Natural Cooling Tower

This is a Civil engineering project, which involves the "Planning, Analysis and Design of a Natural Cooling Tower". The entire design includes slab design, beam design, column design, and footing design. Estimations are made manually and using software packages. The various structural elements are made using IS 456:2000. The concrete mix used for slabs, beams and footings are of M25 and the steel used for all members are high yield strength deformed bars of grade Fe415. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

This project aim to design a simple and effective Natural Cooling Tower plan which is designed similar to the pyramid structure with slight modification to increase its efficiency instead of normal Sand-Clock like structure which involves tough calculations and tedious rafter column designs.

Civil Project Natural Cooling Tower Plan

The aggregate range of Cooling tower is 662 m2 with three compartments which are utilized for cooling the hot water supplied to it. The principal base compartment comprises of filler material above which steel grill is set to hold the dissemination channel with sprinklers which conveys the boiling hot water and sprinkles it.

The Second compartment which is over the main compartment will have a major section with opening at the inside which joins and diminishes the range of vapor achieving the top. Clearly, the vapor begins to consolidate progressively and achieves the gathering chamber at the base.

Also, the third, highest compartment comprises of unfilled space which has a substantial opening at the inside than at the Second compartment which permits the remaining vapor that turns out in the wake of consolidating at second compartment to achieve the top broadly.

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The main objectives of this project are

1. To create a new design in cooling tower construction instead of conventional structures which are tedious to built.
2. To prepare an economical and effective design using Pyramid like structure.
3. To make use of atmospheric air for natural cooling instead of electric fan.
4. To prepare simple design instead of complicated design (to avoid designing of Rafter Column as like in normal cooling tower).

In Natural Cooling Tower project, each and every part is designed by considering the safety point of view and economically. This project gives us a good practice for designing of our future projects. Use this report for your reference and study purpose.

Author:- S. Ramanan, G. Swathy, J. Arunachalam



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