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Apr 24, 2016

Automatic Hand Brake System

In the modern lifestyle braking of cars is itself a tedious and important process. Places like Metro station, Supermarket, Local market and sometimes on streets do not have enough space for free ride so we need brake at that time. So we require a system which can make braking easy, less time taking and also using less area to stop the car. The system should also be less expensive as people will not like to spend much extra money for such accessories. Thus this project propose "Automatic Hand Brake System" which is very useful in above scenarios. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

"Automatic Hand Brake System” is an industrial project which meets the many problems efficiently. A motor with breaking system is used for the operation of automatic brake mechanism. By taking an inventory of all the essential mechanical components and doing a basic mechanical component evaluation, you can get a good idea how much the brake work efficiently.

Mechanical project on Automatic Hand Brake System

What is “Automatic Handbrake System”?

As we know that hand braking is not occur automatically. But by implementing two motors on brake with 200rpm each and one motor of 500 rpm for running front wheel, and brake will apply as the ignition off. That is why this system is named “Automatic Handbrake System”.

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It is often used in parking lots, shopping centers and sometimes along street curbs. With a little practice, braking at minimum distance is possible so easily .

Key Elements of this project are Motor (200Rpm), Transformer (12 Kv), Transformer (12 Kv), Motor (200Rpm), Shaft, Capacitor, Wheels, Diode, Springs.

Implementation method of Automatic Hand Brake System

Suppose the vehicle reaches the place in which it has to be stop. Now the ignition is off by the driver and this condition can be sense by the sensor. In that case the sensor provide the sensing direction to the braking system. Now the braking system is effective and automatic brake is apply.

Author:- Hemant Kumar, Gaurav Tyagi, Mandeep Singh, Vikalp Sharma



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