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Jan 2, 2015

Design and Fabrication of Tri–Barrel Screw Type Hybrid Army Tank

Design and fabrication of Tri-Barrel Screw Type Hybrid Army Tank is based on the new replacement of ordinary army Tank. Normally a military Tank have only 1 barrel and strikes the opponent in just one direction, so as to beat the disadvantages in single barrel Tank, we have a tendency to use 3 barrels within the Tank which may target 3 at a time. One more advanced feature is screw sort wheel which will travel on cross-country i.e. which may travel on muddy space, snow etc. At constant time it’s Associate in Nursing amphibian thus it will travel on road and ocean. In one direction we will explode thrice at a time. This Tank will carry several of troopers and equipment’s at the event of war. we have a tendency to had simply created a miniature of the Tri-Barrel Screw sort Hybrid armoured combat vehicle. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Tri Barrel Screw Type Hybrid Army Tank

Normal army tank contains only one barrel for firing and it has belt type wheels but this project have three barrels.
Two of which moves at 180 degree and one moves at 360 degree. It has screw type wheel that can travel on off-road i.e. which can travel on muddy area, snow etc. At the same time it’s an amphibian so it can travel on road and ocean. This Tank could avoid obstacles at any cost.

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It can be turned easily those three barrels could be pointed out easily at any directions each can explode at any directions and in one direction we can explode thrice at a time. This Tank can carry many of soldiers and equipment’s at the event of war. Due to the screw type wheels could possibly destroy any obstacles.

This project on Tri Barrel Screw type Hybrid Army Tank works on the principle based on screw driven mechanism. There are two screw type wheels made to be assembled at the bottom of the tank for perpendicular and parallel direction of the tank.

The Cross belt and Open belt are used to make the screw type wheel to rotate in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction in order to move the Tank forward. If the direction of rotation is changed then the Tank moves backward. If both the wheel directions are same the Tank moves in parallel direction.

Worm Gear cutting on the screw type wheels make the tank to move perpendicular and parallel directions. The main source of power transfer for moving the tank is an Electric Motor. This electric motor works on an AC power source with 9500rpm, it controls the movement of our tank by transmitting the power through belts and pulleys. Use this project for your reference and study work. Download the project report to get complete reference of the project.

Author:- T.Naresh, M.Vinoth Kumar



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