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Jul 14, 2014

Human Detecting Robot using RF Communication

This project is very useful and presents a human being detecting robot using RF communication with wireless real time image transmission and it is designed and implemented with Atmel 89C51 MCU in embedded system domain. The robot is moved in particular direction using switches and the images are captured and images are watched on the laptop. Aims at making the robot to move in any direction, connected at the receiver side, specified by the user at the transmitter side using RF technology. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

The project uses the RF technology, wireless camera and Embedded Systems to design this application. The main aim of the project is to design a system that continuously checks for the data received from the transmitter section and also monitor video captured by the and transmit the same to remotely placed or a Personal computer.

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Signal received by the RF receiver shown above will be processed by microcontroller and send it to motor drive ckt IC. whenever we give command signal from system, RF receiver circuit received the RF signal then moving robot drive by motor ckt, perform some operation like forward, back, stop, left and right. The result showed in this project after experiment shows that higher efficiency is indeed achieved using the embedded system. The proposed method is verified to be highly beneficial for the security purpose and industrial purpose.

The future aspect of our project we can use flying object and work on image processing technique. This report includes circuit diagram, block diagram of RF transmitter and receiver, microcontroller programming and full working of the project. Use this for your reference and study work only.



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