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Jun 24, 2014

Natural Frequency, Mode Shape & Model Analysis in FEM

The idea behind the finite element method (FEM), or finite element analysis (FEA), is based on building of a complicated object with simple blocks, or, dividing a complicated object into small and manageable pieces. Application of this simple idea can be found everywhere in everyday life, as well as in engineering. This is a good Mechanical seminar on analysis of natural frequency, mode shape and model using FEM. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Natural frequency is the frequency at which a system naturally vibrates once it has been set into motion. In alternative words, natural frequency is the number of times a system will oscillate (move back and forth) between its original position and its displaced position, if there is no outside interference.

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Resonance is the buildup of large vibration amplitude that occurs when a structure or an object is excited at its natural frequency. Resonance can be either desirable or undesirable. Acoustic resonance, a desirable resonance, occurs in many different musical instruments.

FEM model for a gear tooth

Various experiment and analysis are carried out in this report and this report is divided into many chapters. Above image shows FEM model for a gear tooth.

Why Finite Element Method?

1. Design analysis: hand calculations, experiments, and computer simulations.
2. FEM/FEA is the most widely applied computer simulation method in engineering.
3. Closely integrated with CAD/CAM applications.

Below are some of the applications of FEM in engineering:

Mechanical/Aerospace/Civil/Automobile Engineering, Structure analysis (static/dynamic, linear/nonlinear), Thermal/fluid flows, Electromagnetics, Geo-mechanics, Biomechanics etc.

Author:-Deepak Bailwal



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