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Nov 11, 2013

Report on Micro-Finance in India

Microfinance is a term used to refer to the activity of provision of financial services to clients who are excluded from the traditional financial systems on account of their lower economic status. These financial services will most commonly take the form of loans (see micro credit) & savings, through some microfinance institutions will offer other services such as insurance & payment services. The Micro-finance is changing the landscape of banking across the world. The microfinance is a better targeted financial help to a clientele that is poorer & vulnerable than traditional bank clients. The broad classification of microfinance includes rural credit through specialized banks traditional informal microfinance like loans from friends & relatives money lenders etc. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Report on Micro-Finance in India

Micro-finance is exclusive as being a development instrument for the probable to be self-sustaining. Prosperous micro-finance organizations get established in which delivering economic products and services on the weak can be an effective method of low income decrease & be considered a successful small business.

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The four pillars of micro finance credit systems are:

1. Supply of credit
2. Demand for finance
3. Intermediation by individuals or authorities.
4. Regulation by statutory bodies.

The end goal of any such basic model is accessibility of finance to poor. The new model calls for exploiting the latent rural human resource by spotting and training them as per their, for example, the graduates can be trained in accounting or as Self Help Group leaders.

This project work is done to fulfill the requirement of M.B.A degree course. Objective of this study or project are to study the performance of microfinance in India, to know about the various institutions that is doing the job of promoting microfinance in India and to know the role of Microfinance in removing the poverty of the study.

The legitimacy of microfinance is beyond doubt. In a context of growing financialisation, the poor more than anybody else need microfinance services. In the same vein, in a context where democracy remains mainly formal and inaccessible to the poorest, the collective approach (which is at the core of Indian microfinance through the Self-help-group concept) undeniably represents a tool for democratic practices and therefore for grass roots development, especially for women.



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