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Nov 23, 2013

Internship Report on Optimization of Product Mix

Project seemed to be undertaken in order to optimize the item Blend so that the revenue with the company can be maximized. The present and impending manufacturing volumes with the various solutions were researched with facts. Distance learning using the Regional Advertising Practices seemed to be carried out to determine the customer demands with the solutions in a variety of regions. After understanding your need development in a variety of industries Forecasting seemed to be carried out. Subsequently Solver associated with MS-Excel seemed to be helpful to brand-new solution blend seemed to be suggested. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

The objective is to develop an optimum product mix for the company after capacity expansion. This specific will result in maximization on the complete profit acquired from the firm. The aim is to maximize the production of products having high Net Sales Realization. The scope of the project is to optimize the product mix of BALCO only. This includes collecting and analyzing data related to present and future production capacity, the present product mix of Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd. and the sector wise market demand for various products.

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As Bharat Aluminium Company has undertaken ambitious Expansion plans, i.e. to increase the production capacity from 2.5 lakh tons to 6 lakh tons per annum it was essential to optimize the Product Mix after capacity expansion. Use this report for your study and reference work for summer internship training report for MBA.

Author:- Vicky Kumar Prajapati



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