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Jul 27, 2013

EEE Project on Anti Sleep Alarm

This project is proposed to develop a system is to facilitate the home owner to optimize usage of electricity automatically. Light turned on continuously and it leads to energy waste. This is a good Electrical & Electronics final year project on "anti-sleep alarm" and aim to reduce electricity wastage. This report presents the development of IR SENSOR based control home appliances for smart home system. IR sensor module was used for receiving signals regarding entry and exit of persons and automatically enable the controller to take any further action such as to switch ON and OFF the home appliances such as light, air-conditioner etc.

Anti Sleep Alarm

The system is integrated with microcontroller, home automation and IR sensor interface using BASIC language. BASSCOM software was utilized to accomplish the integration.

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The system is activated when user enters the room and IR sensor sends signal to controller at home. Upon receiving the Sensor command, the microcontroller unit then automatically controls the electrical home appliances by switching ON or OFF the device according to the user order to the received message.

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The prototype system is designed to receive signal from IR SENSOR and s end to the Atmega16 circuit which then triggers the relay on the Home Automation board. The incoming message is deleted by the microcontroller upon completing the requested process, and signal exist in the connected IR Sensor.

The system then replies a message to user mobile phone reporting the status of the devices (turned ON or turned OFF). The status message is to remind the user regarding the current state of the appliances.

This report contains complete working of the project, block diagram, circuit diagram, actual prototype of the project, component detail, programming in BASSCOM, LCD configuration etc. Use this report only for your reference and study work.

Author:- Abhishek Kumar, Kamlesh Kumar, Satyavir Singh



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