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Sep 10, 2012

Electromagnetic Piston Engine Car

The electromagnetic piston engine according to the present invention in one aspect comprises a cylinder and a piston, each made of a magnetic material, a cylinder electromagnet having an inner wall of the cylinder magnetizable to a one magnetic pole, and a piston magnetization unit for magnetizing a portion of the piston engage able with the cylinder to a single magnetic pole in a fixed manner, in which the piston is transferred in a one direction by creating a magnetic attraction force between the cylinder and the piston by exciting the cylinder electromagnet. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

electromagnetic piston engine

The electromagnetic piston engine according to the present invention in a still further aspect is constructed by arranging a combination of the cylinder with the piston in -the aspects described above as a one assembly, arranging the one assembly in plural numbers and operating the plural assemblies in a parallel way, and converting a reciprocal movement of the piston in each of the plural assemblies into a rotary movement of a single crank shaft by a crank mechanism so that more can be produce for propelling any heavy vehicle.

This project report for mechanical engineering includes full working, construction and circuit diagram needed for completion of this project. Use this report for your reference and study work only.

Author:- Alankrit Shukla, Avadhesh Kumar, Upendra Kumar, Pushkar Singh Gauniya



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